Oceania Masters Championships

Wishing all the best to the New Zealand athletes attending the 2022 Oceania Master Weightlifting Championships in Melbourne this week.
The event runs from September 9th to 11th. The preliminary entry list and schedule can be found HERE
Supporters can watch the event livestream HERE
This is the first international Masters event in 3 years, let's go NZ!
Female Athletes
Lyndsay Cunningham
Jennifer Brown
Kirsten Walker
Belinda Sidnam
Victoria Blair
Claire Nahi
Odette Smith
Karen Ladbrooke
Karen Lloyd
Kelly Ihaka-Pitama
Tania Waikato
Sarah Florence
Jamie Ogilvy
Renee Baarspul
Stephanie Cockerill
Male Athletes
Andy Jameson
Malcolm Wong
Jarred Bone
Travelling Coaches
Neroli King
Richard Wong
Cam Urgert
Mark Holyoake
Doug Sekone-Fraser