Proposed Executive Group Restructure

As part of the WNZ Strategic Plan objectives of increasing capability and sustainability, we have advised previously the intention to form formal working groups (Commissions). There has been very good response with a number of people signalling their willingness to help develop and deliver the service and products that WNZ will provide to our members. Expressions of Interest for these groups is still open, so please log-in and register your interest if you are willing to help.

The next phase of this organisational restructure is to make changes to provide a more efficient, sustainable, and balanced governance group, which will be able to focus on strategic direction, compliance requirements, and governance of the organisation (rather than operational issues).

The attached document outlines some background and highlights the main proposed changes to the EG rules. These will require Constitutional change, and a Special General Meeting will be called shortly to enable these changes to be introduced as soon as possible to allow faster implementation and progress to be made.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact

The detail of the proposed changes to the Constitution will be provided prior to the meeting, with sufficient time for members to consider what is being recommended.