UPDATED 2022 Secondary School Championships Event Information

Please find attached the final event information for the 2022 Seconary School Championships, to be held in Porirua over September 3rd and 4th. With a great number of entries; more than 70, we are excited to have our youth athletes competing all together for the first time since 2019.

Thanks to the New Zealand Sports Collective, we have partnered with Streamshop for this event's livestream, which will be shown on Whakaata Maori YouTube channels. The playlist can be found HERE

Caltex GOOD SPORT Award

Nominations for for the Good Sport Award, thanks to our supports Caltex, are now open. We would love to receive your nominations for anyone you think is worthy to win this award- it could be a coach, manager, student or teacher who goes above and beyond, is an inspiration to your school, or sets amazing values and standards for others to aspire to. Please send a couple of sentences in your nomination to  kelly@nzsportcollective.co.nz by Thursday September 1st and your Good Sport could win a very cool prize from Caltex! The winner will be announced at the event on Sunday Auguast 4th.