WNZ Governance and Organisational Structure

Following the WNZ Special General meeting and AGM, and the approval of the changes to our Constitution by Incorporated Societies, WNZ have formally moved to a changed EG structure of 5 elected EG members, and the ability to co-opt up to 2 appointed EG Members if deemed necessary.

In addition we have appointed chairs and members of the 6 WNZ Commissions - as attached.

As per the "Transitional Clauses" set out in the approved changes, the EG have met to elect the President and Vice-President. The newly elected President to replace Richie Patterson as the outgoing President is Simon Kent, and the Vice-President is Lyn Mayes - both of whom will serve a 3 year term. The additional elected EG members are Stephanie Synynuk and Declan Ward (who will serve another 2 years), and Ray Everest (1 year remaining). This will bring us into a 3 year term cycle for elected EG members, with one being vacated in 2022, and 2 each year for 2023 and 2024.

WNZ wishes to thank all those who attended the meetings, and especially all those who expressed interest in assisting on WNZ Commissions.

We now have a structure in place that will provide the basis for stronger, more flexible and focused governance, and a more efficient and effective path to achieving WNZ's strategic objectives.